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Hi Sam You and the team are working so hard and I really appreciate it. Thank you, Have a lovely weekend ,

By: H Jones
Sam, your presentation was great and the students all listened attentively and really benefited from it. Thank you.

By: Sarah
Dear Samantha, just a quick note to sat that you and your organisation are well respected by my colleagues and I. Adviser Department for Work and Pensions | Northampton Jobcentre plus

By: JCP Advisor
Really enjoyed the event at Spoone School. I'm always impressed by how well organised the Proactive Education events are and how they run, this one was as smooth as silk as always.

By: Sean Ellis
Just to say how much I enjoyed my visit to Sponne School. The new format was brilliant for me, the introduction of questions to the pupils enabled me to relate my answers to them. Looking forwards to my next visit.

By: Richard Collins
I am so glad and honoured to be able to help Sam with her presentations to schools and totally admire her commitment and vision to help young people onto the career ladder. Our teenagers all need a Sam in their lives!

By: Lisa Masters
A dynamic and engaging provider of "beyond-the-classroom" youth training: creating excellent learning opportunities and life skills experiences. Coupled with this, Samantha has the credibility to engage with business and educational professionals to generate training/experience opportunities, representing her organisation to maximise the fullest potential in a difficult climate

By: Mark Whall
“I have really enjoyed the day. It has been a great opportunity for me to share my knowledge and experience with the Year 8 students. Despite the students being in an early stage of their secondary education, it gives them the chance to get away from the day-to-day class and put into practice other skills they will need to develop in their future careers”.

By: Sarah Farrell
FOOD AND FARMING CHALLENGE DAY GUILSBOROUGH SCHOOL - WEDNESDAY 21ST MARCH Students knew exactly what they were doing when I joined them at period 2.

By: Mr Cope
GUILSBOROUGH SCHOOL FOOD AND FARMING CHALLENGE DAY WED 21ST MARCH 2018 – well planned/organised – range of resources for kids to use, etc. Students enjoyed it. Easy for staff to manage. Nice touch to get the Weetabix personalised cereal boxes

By: Mr Thompson
GUILSBOROUGH SCHOOL FOOD AND FARMING CHALLENGE 21ST MARCH 2018 though it went really well! All students knew what was expected of them and worked well in groups. Mrs Fitzgerald was fantastic facilitating everything and we had plenty of resources.

By: Mr Woods
GUILSBOROUGH FOOD AND FARMING CHALLENEGE DAY 21ST MARCH 2018 The students did really understand what they were meant to do directly after the assembly (P1). They were excited and enthused by the task so it appears it was pitched at the right level.

By: Mr Jackson
GUILSBOROUGH FOOD AND FARMING CHALLENGE DAY 21ST MARCH 2018Work with different people Using peoples different skills to make the project work Met different people/ employers Used different skills from different school subject areas

GUILSBOROUGH SCHOOL FOOD AND FARMING CHALLENGE DAY 7RHTN Fun, enjoyed the task. Liked working in groups on something different. Good to see what they have to think about

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