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Educational partners

Sam and the Proactive team have been invaluable in delivering and offering career and guidance opportunities to our Post 16 students.  They have been committed in helping the sixth form team in shaping the future of our students and directing them towards the most appropriate paths.  Thank you for all your help and support.
Northampton School for Girls would like to thank Proactive Education for their continued commitment towards placing our students in suitable work placements.  Our girls value this experience which is invaluable to the course they are studying.  Looking forward to our continued relationship during 2019.
Work experince this year was fantastic. We had 212 out of 213 out for the full two weeks. Your system works really well and there is a massive amount of employers to choose from. You respond to our questions really quickly - thanks.
Thank you so much for the event we felt that it came together really well, we had many positive remarks from students and staff and the employers were wonderful. One employer said as he was leaving that he’d had a wonderful time and could we do it again that afternoon!
We have been using Proactive Education for a number of years.  We are impressed with how helpful Proactive Education staff are.  What we like the most is how approachable and willing to pitch in they are when needed to sort out any problems.
We knew that all our students would be in safe hands thanks to the safety checks carried out by Proactive Education, and all students agreed they had all the relevant information needed before starting their week long placements.  Some students even managed to secure part time jobs; such was the extent they impressed the employers… It felt like a success all round.
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