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Q. My Son is studying engineering at Silverstone UTC and is now looking for work experience in this field. How would we go about this. Thank you A. Hello Charlotte, thank you for your message. Your son can google engineering companies locally to where you live and call those businesses to ask, you can go on the Proactive Education system and see what engineering companies (none of these are guaranteed places and will still need to be called or emailed) have offered placements in the past, ask family or friends also. Good luck and all the very best Fred
Q. My daughter is interested in work experience in Dentistry once she has completed her GCSE's (Summer 2020) I think she found her last placement with you last school year Year 10 (2018-2019) as she is at Quinton. Can you let me know if this is relevant to us. Thanks A. Hello, Proactive Education are contracted by Quinton School to look after the Year 10 work experience only. If you would like us to help with your Daughters work experience we can do so, directly. If we have a Dentist in your area on our database of work placements, the cost would be £35. If we do not have a Dentist in your area on our database and have to 'find one' for your Daughter the cost is £70. I hope this helps, Fred
Q. Does Stepping Stones in Brackley take on work experience students? A. Hello, Yes, Stepping Stones in Brackley are on our database. Fred
Q. How Do you login A. • Firstly, go to and click on Student Login on the homepage. • Type in your username and password, click sign in. Fred
Q. Are there any work experience opportunities within the legal field for year 10 students A. Hello, Yes there are a number of opportunities within the legal field. Fred

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