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Welcome to the home of Proactive Education

The team are moving to Proactive Young People Community Interest Company. Please find us at

Hopefully this website will give you an initial overview of the work we do here at Proactive Education, from promoting the ethos of entrepreneurship to work related learning activity involvement & delivery and work experience, Internships and T-Level work placements.

As a team we have been working together in this field for over a decade and between us have over 40 years of experience in education and training delivery. We are more resourceful, flexible and enthusiastic than ever.

We have built up and maintain a simply huge employer bank, gaining the ability to be able to deliver what schools, academies and colleges need for work experience and work related learning activities.

For educators our knowledge, experience and facilitating services can save you time in administering and checking the suitability of work experience placements and in arranging other work related activities.

We all know that businesses are being asked to support young people in a number of ways, either through training schemes (traineeships, apprenticeships and internships) or through the traditional work experience model and we know that employers and businesses value working with Proactive Education.

Importantly in this relationship we reduce their biggest annoyance factor – 'overlapping & duplication'. Proactive Education act as a single and first point of contact, being available to respond immediately heading off issues before they even arise. '36% of employers said they would offer work experience if some of the hassle of setting it up were taken care of' – it's why we're here.

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